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Workshop hall Illumination by IHB LED industrial light fittings


For the illumination of the work areas, the 65×22 m workshop hall at the industrial estate in Höchst, Frankfurt, was fitted with 52 fluorescent light fittings with an overall output of 17,632 W. This was to be replaced by an efficient, low-maintenance and cost-effective lighting solution that provided both an optimum illumination of the  workspaces and a low energy and maintenance requirement.New IHB LED light fittings for industrial areas


After completing a comprehensive lighting calculation for the 3 areas with different lighting requirements, the decision to install an LED lighting solution comprising 75 IHB8 pendant light fittings with an opaque lens and an overall output of 5.325 W was made. They were wired using a through wiring system via junction boxes with 5 m branch lines. Hung at a height of 6.5 m, these light fittings allow a glare-free illumination of the hall and were designed specially to suit the various work areas. The operating costs only amount to one third of those for the previous solution.

OutlookIHB LED light fitting

The lighting in the hall is in operation on 5 days per week and 9 hours per day, ca. 2,300 hours per year. Due to the  considerable reduction in operating costs, the changeover to IHB pendant light fittings pays for itself in a few years. If they were in operation 24 hours per day, the break-even level was reached earlier What is more, the light fittings have a long service life that allows a largely maintenance-free life cycle of the lighting installation of more than 35 years.


Industrial estate, Höchst, Frankfurt, Germany
Provide suitable lighting for the illumination of a workshop hall


IHB8 LED high bay light fittings


75 IHB8 for an optimal illumination of the workshop