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General Terms and Conditions

General commercial terms V1.2
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Voorwaarden van Toepassing op Verkoop en Levering CCH B.V.
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Terms and Conditions of sale CCH (UK) Ltd.
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 General commercial terms

1.     Scope of order – The order is placed according to the technical specifications and quantities included in this quotation. Any changes to the technical specifications of your order against our quote will require a review and re-quote before your order can be processed. Cooper Crouse-Hinds GmbH reserves the right for an appropriate price adjustment.

2.     Order placement – When placing your order with us please ensure that all copies of commercial and technical documentation are legible and correct. This will assist us in processing your order most effectively.

3.     Necessary information – In many cases, technical and commercial information requested is provided prior to or with the order. In general the information required is as follows:

a)     Single diagram, entry details

b)     Tag details and other labelling requirements (text, arrangements, etc.)

c)     Approval to quotation drawings

d)     Packing specificications

e)     Inspection requirements

f)      Commercial documentation requirements, e.g. invoice address

g)     Shipping instructions/freight forwarder

h)     Final destination and end user declaration

4.     Lead time – Manufacturing lead time has been estimated based upon forecasted capacity demand at the time of quotation. If there is a significant change in load between the date of quotation and date of order placement, this lead time may need to be revised. Please note that our quoted lead time generally refers to the period of time between

a)     written customer drawing approval and

b)     completion of production and quality assurance.

5.     Change request management – In the event changes are made to the technical specification after order placement we reserve the right to hold manufacturing and to provide a new quote for the additional work required. Please note that we will have to provide you with a charge for material and labour invested so far. In addition, there might be a change to the planned delivery date.

6.     Mounting / fixing material and illuminants – If not otherwise stated, the prices are excluding mounting / fixing materials as well as illuminants.

7.     Packing and shipping – Please note that we will ask for an additional charge if special packaging and/or shipping is requested, e.g. wooden crates.

8.     Documentation – Any special documentation requirements will be charged at extra cost. Our standard documentation consists of user manuals, ATEX certificates, data sheets (for catalogue products) and basic technical drawings (for engineered-to-order products) and will be delivered in German or English language in an electronic PDF format.

9.     Validity of prices – Prices given in this quotation are valid for orders placed within 60 days for delivery within 6 calendar months, unless otherwise agreed.

10.   Quantities and prices – The prices in our quotation are based on quantities given, if fewer quantities are ordered we reserve the right to adapt prices accordingly. Note that we reserve the right to charge a service fee of €15 for orders smaller than €250.

11.   Project prices – The offered prices are only valid for this project.

12.   Agreement of payment terms for LOCs – Where a Letter of Credit (LOC) is required the conditions and documents specified in the LOC must be agreed in advance.

13.   Payment terms – If not otherwise stated, our standard payment terms are 30 days net after invoice date.

14.   Bank guarantee – Please accept that bank guarantees for order values of less than €10K cannot be granted. Cost for a bank guarantee shall be borne by the purchaser.

15.   Order cancellation – In case the purchaser decides to cancel an order the following charges shall apply:

a)     Standard material: 5% of order value within 1 week of order placement; 10% of order value within 2 weeks of order placement; 20% of order value within 3 weeks of order placement; 30% of order value after 3 weeks of order placement

b)     Engineered-to-order material: 10% of order value prior to drawing submission; 15% of order value after drawing submission but prior to drawing approval; 50% of order value after drawing approval but 4 weeks prior committed delivery date; 100% of order value after drawing approval and less than 4 weeks prior to committed delivery date

Please note that return of material without any wrong-doing by Cooper Crouse-Hinds will be handled under the above procedure.

16.   Inspection – Our customers have the opportunity to inspect our products before they are shipped to the final destination. We generally charge for the inspections effort €100 per hour per involved engineer.

17.   Release of material – Produced material has to leave our factory within a reasonable time period of 5 working days. We reserve the right to charge for storage if that timeframe is exceeded.

18.   ISO 9001 – Our procedures are in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

19.   Standard terms and conditions – Cooper Crouse-Hinds GmbH shall deliver the products detailed in this quotation on the basis of Cooper Crouse-Hinds’ general delivery and selling conditions (copies of which are enclosed), to the express exclusion of any other terms or conditions (see