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Vaporgard LED Luminaires at a Hazardous Area

The Robinson Mine in Nevada is now equipped with Veporgard LED luminaires

Segment: Mining

Location: Ely, Nevada
project vaporgard
Background: The Robinson Mine is a copper deposit located in the Robinson Mining
District, adjacent to Ruth in White Pine County, Nevada.

Challenge: Reduce maintenance for lamp replacement on shovels Robinson Mine runs
P&H 2300 electric shovels 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and at a cost of $12,500 per hour. Each shovel has 10-16 luminaires; ~6 above the tracks for visibility of potential material obstructions and ~8-10 inside the interior for walkways, safety lighting and general illumination.


  • Current lighting on shovel is incandescent
    • Lamps need replacing every 1-2 weeks due to excessive vibration on equipment and can take up to an hour to replace
    • Lumen output is low and creates poor visibility in critical areas both inside and outside the shovel due to inadequate lighting
  •  Fines from MSHA & OSHA due to inadequate equipment lighting can range from $1000- 5000 and potentially shut down a shovel. Robinson Mine was looking for a lighting solution that provided extreme durability and high lumen output, keeping their shovels illuminated around the clock.

Solutions: Vaporgard LED Series Luminaires; ceiling mount (V2LCHF2/DC) for inside and above the tracks and wall mount (V2LCHT2/DC) for service areas.

Results: Vaporgard LEDs essentially eliminated lamp maintenance and saved over $1M in downtime:Eaton project vapogard

  • First shovel outfitted has operated without fixture failure for over 15 months
  • Plant maintenance took lamp replacement off of the plant maintenance list
  • Fixtures paid for themselves in roughly 3 months due to maintenance-free operation
  • Project did not fall under capital expense, but was billed as an ongoing maintenance cost
  • Improved safety, visibility and productivity on shovel lighting
  • Eliminated potential for MSHA safety violations


  • Product is currently a stock item for plant maintenance (6 – 10 units on hand at all times)
  • Robinson Mines’ electrical supervisor and staff were impressed with the Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Series and have specified LED Luminaires for the entire mine site
  • Plantfixture replacement is done area by area– retrofit areas include lighting for mill plant, stackers, conveyor systems and tunnels

Because of the efficacy of the solution, eight other shovels at three other mine sites have been retrofit with Vaporgard LED luminaires.