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Ex-luminaires and -switchgears from Eaton are extremely resistant

Reliability through CEAG products - management
Reliable products help to reduce running costs and increase plant profitability!
In today’s economic and health & safety conscious environments, it is crucial to deploy
products which are reliable, safe and cost effective, thus reducing downtime, decreasing operational expenditure and helping to increase plants profitability.


The customers’ requirements of Eaton

  • Durable products with long service life for diverse environments
  • Ease of installation and quick service times
  • Reduced maintenance times to save time and personnel
  • Less downtimes to increase plant productivity


The solutions of Eaton

Reliability through CEAG products - industry
Eaton’s products have been installed worldwide, embracing all the harsh environments that mother nature can throw at them:

  • Off-shore North Sea
  • Off-shore North Atlantic
  • Arabian Desert
  • Monsoon season

Proven reliability by infinite number of operating hours (for example: numerous light fittings
from our Sixty series fluorescent light fittings were installed over 40 years ago and are still
fully functioning).


Reliability through CEAG products - oil platform

Key benefits

  • Long established product ranges. For example, the range of fluorescent light fittings
    eLLK of the Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Series has been renowned around the world, for
    more than 40 years, and is still in demand today, with more than 200,000 being produced every year
  • Proven track record. Major oil & gas exploration companies, specify the fluorescent light fittings of the Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Series for use on their platforms and drilling rigs
    around the world
  • Worldwide approvals (NEC, IEC) guarantee the safe use of Eaton’s products
  • References from a large number of international customers show that Eaton is perceived
    as a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer
  • The international distribution network allows Eaton to serve their customers all over the world



Case study: Oil companies in the North Sea

Ex-luminaires at an oil-platform Request
For reasons relating to safety and operating costs, offshore exploration and drilling companies require reliability from their main lighting sources. In Addition to that they must be compatible with offshore applications and have a high life expectancy.


The eLLK 92 series has been modified in such a way that it makes use of new technologies to satisfy today’s customer demands. About 7000 of the lamps have been produced and insert up to now. Approximately 40 % of the lamps have been installed over 30 years ago and are still reliable in operation.