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Project Management Service

Project management service in explosion-protection

Processing mission-critical orders in explosion-protection

Eaton can help reduce project risk, lower project cost, shorten your overall project schedule and allow your plant to start up earlier. The project management services team specializes in managing time, costs and quality. Eaton understands how to work with their factories and customers in order to process orders efficiently to ensure on-time delivery.


The customers’ requirements of Eaton

  • An accurate and complete information management system for easy project preparation and implementation
  • Flexibility to manage change requests smoothly
  • Meeting contractual commitments according to a defined delivery schedule


The solutions of Eaton

  • Committed project management team that specializes in managing complex, mission-critical orders
  • Access to highly experienced application engineers to provide technical guidance towards a fit-for-purpose solution
  • Central contact point serves as an information hub:
    • Providing order status information (global ERP system)
    • Coordinating technical issues
    • Documenting drawing approvals and sign-offs in a data arc
    • Handling final acceptance tests and documentation
    • Managing contractual information


Key benefits

  • Solution partner with an interest to provide tailor-made solutions that fit your specific geographic requirements and technical design needs
  • Full engineering transparency of order status along the entire supply chain as well as information on the next steps of the project
  • Reliability in terms of timing the deliverables, drawings, final acceptance test, material delivery and documentation
  • Business partner for managing change requests professionally and with great flexibility


Case study: Safe electrical power solution for an offshore gas exploration field (Thailand)

project-management-services 03Request

  • Safe electrical power for an offshore gas exploration field
  • Project with highest technical and commercial complexity (e.g. painting specification, sizing of panels, delivery constraints)


  • Delivery of a series of highly complex electrical power distribution panels (IIB and IIC)
  • We worked side-by-side with engineering partners and end customers to define the desired solution
  • A series of final acceptance tests in our factory in Germany ensured that our customer did not run into any surprises once our material had been shipped to the production site