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CEAG Products for Extreme Conditions

Challenging and hazardous environments require well engineered
solutions and products!

CEAG products for extreme conditions
Customers need to install products in various applications and are faced with different extreme environmental challenges.


The customers’ requirements of Eaton

  • Extreme temperatures (-60°C to +55°C)
  • Resistance to chemicals / fluids / UV-sunlight and fire / sand grinding
  • Mechanical impact/drop test (7 Joule  /IK 10)
  • Protection against vibration / earth quake / heavy seas
  • Protection against electrostatic discharge
  • Resistance to humid atmosphere (70%) and condensation inside enclosure and corrosion

CEAG products for extreme conditions - mining

The solutions of Eaton

  • Glass fibre reinforced materials resistant to extreme weather and environmental conditions
  • Durable and high sophisticated materials for all products such as GRP wall sockets, terminal boxes and lighting
  • Implementation of latest environmental standards such as IEC EN 60079- 0/2009 (“special for ambient temperature range outside -20°C to +40°C”)
  • Customer-specific shape and dimensions of enclosures (e. g. ice free surfaces)


Key benefits

  • Robust and strong design to withstand high mechanical loadheavy storm oil platform northsea
  • Durable materials are resistant against aggressive chemicals
  • Special top coating / painting to prevent sand grinding / electrostatic discharge
  • Foam-in-place sealing systems with constant and reliable IP protection
  • Breather and drain in different materials prevent condensation inside enclosure ensuring the products’ functionality



Case Study: Explosion-protected connectors for the West Chirac oil platform (Production Optimisation)

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Weatherford required connectors that allow the dis-/connection of electrical apparatus in potentially explosive gas atmospheres, without the use of tools and without an engineer having to isolate the apparatus from the mains or disconnect the terminals, for West Chirac. Ease of maintenance was a vital requirement. The connectors should therefore be extremely resistant for ease of handling and various ambient conditions such as heat and salt water on a potentially dangerous oil platform.

CEAG eXLink connectors for the hot swapping of solenoid valves that control multiple wells provided an optimal solution.
The eXLink plugs enables rapid dis-/connection when swapping or installing new modules without an engineer requiring a hot work permit, which saves time and prevents any delay to production. No need for a shutdown to maintain the solenoids.