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Ex-Protection for Global Oil and Gas Industries


Comprehensive solutions through products from CEAG and Crouse-Hinds Series

From harsh and hazardous environments to difficult locations and safety concerns, Eaton understands the operating challenges in the oil and gas industry. They support oil and gas efforts with an unparalleled breadth of products and solutions that solve the real-world problems the industry faces each day, enhancing safety and productivity throughout operations around the world.

Eaton provides the products, expertise, innovation, and industry commitment to help build and support power drilling platforms, pipelines, and refineries safely and effectively. Since 1897, they have led the development of safer, more reliable ways to power the most challenging harsh and hazardous areas.


With more than 100 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Eaton understands the challenges you face every day.


Upstream Midstream Downstream
The trend to reduce personnel in hazardous locations is driven by several factors, including physical risks, shortage of expertise and rising costs. Additionally, costs of offshore drilling platforms are heavily influenced by weight. These risks increase your reliance on proven partners who can help you grow your bottom line. An increased focus on midstream is fueling the use of ever larger vessels and the need to ensure asset integrity in aging pipelines. Tougher environmental scrutiny applied to pipeline certifications and increasing safety concerns with road and rail distribution call for comprehensive safety, control and monitoring solutions. Eaton understands your need to upgrade aging refineries and brings new technology on-line to process changing crudes, while decreasing downtime. They also know that upgrades are impacted by difficult approvals driven by ever changing regulatory environments.



Eaton created a detailed digital oil rig, where the user can interact with. See what kind of components are used at
an oil rig and learn more about it.


Eaton delivers:

  • Equipment that performs reliably in hazardous, caustic and wet conditions
  • Employee safety measures for onshore, offshore, and processing facilities
  • Single-source availability for IEC and NEC products
  • Innovations that save time, minimize risk, control costs, and maximize safety

The team of experts at Eaton will work with you to specify and deliver the right solution for your unique oil and gas applications. The portfolio of proven solutions will provide unmatched safety, help minimize the unacceptable cost of downtime, and meet your critical operating challenges.

Eaton is a best-in-class partner for the oil and gas industry, because they are fueled by a fierce dedication to enhancing safety and productivity through global solutions, worldwide reliability, industry intelligence, and application expertise.


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A proven case studie is the Gorgon Oil & Gas Project in Western Australia.