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Local Service at Ex-Protection

Quick and individual service lead to satisfied Customers

In order to address the needs of the customers  Eaton offers local and personal support!
The trend towards interactive Web pages is all well and good, but it does not replace the interaction with human experts. With Eaton, you can discuss your application, maintenance and inspection needs with a knowledgeable person in our Sales and Customer Service teams around the world.
Local Service at Ex-Protection

The customers’ requirements of Eaton

  • Experienced field sales engineers who offer fit-for-purpose solutions
  • Engineers who understand the technology and complex technical standards
  • Quick answers from sales support on the phone
  • Local distributors who keep the products on stock for quick delivery


The solutions of Eaton

  • Small geographical sales for greater customer focus and response times
  • Strategically placed distribution centers provide local availability of stock and quick turnaround times
  • Rapid response centers in-house and experienced engineers shorten downtimes
  • Sales support that can offer products and services from different manufacturing plants within Eaton around the world


Key benefits

  • As the manufacturer of the product, Eaton is in control of product quality, also the quality of the products of the local assembly partners
  • Local availability reduces down times, giving greater productivity. This coupled with longer product life times, results into reduced operational expenditure
  • Local support from experienced sales staff possible
  • Solutions can be modified and fitted locally, thus reducing down times



Case study: Rapid solutions for off-shore platforms

service for hazardous offshore plattform
Customer required repair of damaged temporary pump skid, which needed to be shipped in 24 hours. This meant that new control stations and terminal enclosures had to be delivered quickly. Meeting the challenge to supply in such a short time required the availability of a local team



Having to supply products in such a short time would normally be a challenge, but Eaton was able to meet it thanks to a local service team. The local assembly and rapid response centers assembled a range of control stations and terminal enclosures, and Eaton is able to supply the products needed within the customer requested delivery time