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Corporate Social Responsibility from Eaton

Corporate Social Responsibility from Eaton

As a premier diversified power management company, Eaton cares about “doing business right” in meeting the needs of the global customers, employees and communities. It is inherent in the culture. How Eaton gets the results is just as important as the results themselves, and an important measure Eaton’s success.Clear guidelines related to ethical behavior, safety requirements and environmental practices are communicated to employees worldwide. Outlined in this document is a summary of some of the commitments that exemplify the approach to ethics and integrity.
Details on all of Eaton’s policies can be found at

The German “ElektroG”

The implementation of the European Directives (WEEE / RoHS) in German law is the Electrics and Electronics Legislation (ElektroG). It formulates the important implementation stipulations for Germany and distinguishes between used equipment from the private sector and that which is in commercial use.

In the Federal Republic of Germany Cooper Crouse-Hinds GmbH is registered according § 6 Abs. 2 ElektroG at the responsible Foundation “Elektro-Altgeräte-Register (EAR)” with following registration No. Category 5 “Beleuchtungskörper“
WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 69860126

WEEE/RoHS/ElektroG Document

You can download the actual document of Cooper Crouse-Hinds GmbH, Eberbach:

DE 69860126 (PDF, 95 kB)

WEEE Directive for our European Branches

Reg. No.
The Netherlands Cooper Crouse-Hinds BV., Rotterdam WEEE/NL 1539 NL 1539 (PDF, 27,04 kB)
Belgium Cooper Crouse-Hinds BV., Belgium WEEE/155934 BE155934 (PDF, 27,00 kB)
Great Britain Cooper Crouse-Hinds U.K. Ltd., Coventry WEEE/DD0047SY/PRO DD0047SY/PRO (PDF, 33,59 kB)
Norway Cooper Crouse-Hinds AS. , Norway WEEE/NO976180690 NO976180690 (PDF, 55,58 kB)
Spain Cooper Crouse-Hinds S.A., Spain WEEE/PROD0117 ES PROD0117 (PDF, 39,48 kB)


European Guideline REACH

Declaration about so-called substances of very high concern (obligation of notification according to article 33 of the REACH-Regulation EC1907/2006)

Dear Customer,
I am responding on behalf of Eaton Corporation concerning an inquiry of your company received by email.
As far as Eaton’s obligations regarding the EU REACH-Regulation are concerned, we have set up a process
to evaluate whether so-called substances of very high concern (SVHC) are contained in products supplied to
customers located in the European Union.

To our best current knowledge, we have no information available that any of the currently 151 listed SVHC is
contained above 0.1 mass percent in the products supplied to you.

However, should above mentioned status change or we retrieve information from our suppliers that any
SVHC above 0.1 mass percent is contained in products supplied to you, then we will inform you according to
the requirements as outlined in the article 33.1 of the REACH regulation.
Thank you again for your inquiry.


Dr. Heinz Huesmann
Product Stewardship Manager – Electrical Sector
Eaton Corporation


You can find Eatons declaration about the european guideline REACH here (PDF, 58 kB)