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Ease of Maintenance

Portable explosion-protected power units and ex-luminaires are
enormously helpful while maintenance

Maintenance with CEAG Products - Management

Significant shutdown cost reduction thanks to innovative installation technologies during maintenance!
Customers need to supply sites with electrical energy during shutdown periods for maintenance. Eaton’s portable power units and innovative connectivity technologies can serve as an important tool to reduce maintenance time and save money.


The customers’ requirements of Eaton

  • Reduce time and money lost to mobilize equipment and start maintenance
  • Manage risk of delays due to missing equipment and lack of maintenance infrastructure
  • Prevent staff from making mistakes using incompatible / improper equipment


The solutions of Eaton

  • Installation / de-installation of Ex-certified distribution boards before / after shut-down periods
    while operations are still online
  • Reduced cabling effort by using portable / mobile Ex distributions where needed in line with
    the existing Ex-infrastructure
  • Less time required to de-install and install single electrical apparatus based on innovative
    connector systems

Maintenance with CEAG Products - Industry

Key benefits

  • Portable or mobile solutions that can be incorporated in the existing infrastructure
  • Standardized solutions (such as cable extensions and connectors) that can be exchanged and expanded
  • One defined power source for all equipment instead of individual solutions introduced by contractors
  • Highly reliable products and solutions fully assembled and serviced by trained technicians

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Case Study: Quick and easy maintenance for a petroleum company in the Middle East

Maintenance with CEAG Products at a petroleum companyRequest

  •  Portable power units required for maintenance during shut down operations
  • 5,000 electrical apparatus in use of which 1,250 units are maintained annually


  •  Delivery of portable Ex distribution panels
  • Savings using innovative connectivity technology:
    • 60 minutes for the maintenance operator
    • 45 minutes applying for the hot work permit
    • 45 minutes for electrical de-installation / installation
  • Approximately $325M operational savings in 25 years