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Explosion-protected CEAG-Cable Glands

Depending on requirements, CEAG Ex-cable glands are available in moulded plastic and metal versions. The plastic cable glands have metric screw-in threads. The special advantage of ex-protected cable glands is the large cable clamping area.

CEAG Ex-metal cable glands are used for feeding cables into metal or explosion-protected enclosures. The metal glands are also available in a flameproof version and can be subjected to high mechanical, chemical and thermal loads.

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This are the ex-cable glands Eaton offers:

The link “2.4.xx.EN.pdf” shows the relevant pages about the selected explosion-protected cable glands of the latest product catalogue.

The link “product details” shows a lot of other information, like national and international certificates.


Plastic Cable Glands

Cable glands made of moulded plastic with metric screw-in thread. For the economical and flexible use of electrical equipment.

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Metal Cable Glands Type ADE-Ex-d/e

Ex-d metal cable gland for direct mounting into Ex-d enclosures. For cables with and without armouring.

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