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CEAG Ex-Ceiling, Pendant Lights and Floodlights

CEAG Ex-Ceiling, pendant lights and floodlights are designed for area-illumination at medium/high luminaire installations. Specially used at offshore platforms or within outdoor areas of onshore refineries. Illumination of loading zones as well as harbour areas our floodlights are also the first choice for installation.

A large selection of reliable high power and efficient LED-luminaires specially designed for harsh and hazardous environments is available for zones 1/21 as well as 2/22.

CEAG Ex-Ceiling, pendant lights and floodlights are designed for the use of metal-halide lamps or high pressure sodium lamps which enables together with optimized reflectors a high efficient illumination. More and more LED-modules are used in our luminaires. Easy installation and maintenance procedures results smaller operating costs.


This are the explosion-protected ceiling, pendant lights and floodlights
Eaton offers:

The link “1.4.xx_EN.pdf” shows the pages about Ex-Ceiling, pendant lights and floodlights of the product cataloge.

The link “product details” shows a lot of other information, like national and international certificates.

Ex-Pendant Light Fittings for HID lamps

Pendant light fittings for HP-lamps up to 400 W. Ambient temperatures from -45°C to +55°C.

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Ex-Floodlights for HP-lamps

Ex floodlight in metal design. Easy handling due to low weight. Ambient temperature -55°C up to +55 °C possible

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Ex-Floodlight with compact design

Compact floodlight up to 250 W, high illumination level, emergency supply unit for 70 W HPS available

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Ex-LED Floodlights Zone 1/21

Complete PXLED product rage from 5,000 lm up to 32.000 lm this floodlight series can be used to replace nearly every floodlight with conventional light sources

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Ex-Tank Light Fitting

Tank inspection lamps for the illumination of tanks and mixers. Specifically designed for maintenance work in hazardous areas.

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Zone 2/21/22 HID pendant light fittings

Conventional pendant light fittings specially for Zones 2, 21 and 22. Suited for wall, ceiling or pole mounting.

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Zone 2/21/22 LED/HID floodlights

Floodlight in metal design for Zones 2 and 22. Thanks to swivel bracket, can also be used for pole mounting.

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