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Explosion Protected CEAG Emergency and Signal Luminaires

The escape sign luminaires of the Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Series can be adapted to suit the requirements of our customers and can be used for central or local emergency lighting systems in hazardous areas. Robust polycarbonate and aluminium enclosures, an energy-saving LED technology and a high degree of protections are the special characteristics of these luminaires.

The escape sign luminaires can also be used in the various zones of hazardous areas, whether it be zone 1, 2 or 21, 22. National and international certificates and detailed product specifications can be found here.


This are the Ex-Emergency and Signal Luminaires Eaton offers:

The link “1.3.xx_EN.pdf” shows the pages about ex-protected CEAG emergency and signal luminaires of the product cataloge.

The link “product details” shows a lot of other information, like national and international certificates.


Ex-Escape Sign Luminaires EXIT and EXIT 2

Maintenance-free escape sign luminaire with LED technology. Moulded plastic version for international use.

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Ex-Escape Sign Luminaires Ex-LITE

Luminaire with robust light alloy housing. Self-contained battery unit with automatic function monitoring.

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Ex-d Emergency Light Fitting

Emergency light fitting with LED or fluor. lamp. Made of copper-free aluminium and borosilicate glass tube.

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Ex-Signal and Emergency Light Fitting dKLK 23

Signal lamp with clear or coloured protective cover. Use as escape sign luminaire.

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