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Brightness in the dark - New SEB 10 Searchlight with LED

Brightness in the dark - New SEB 10 Searchlight with LED

2 lens systems with two separate high-power LEDs as light source for search and working light ensure ideal light output.
Low weight and latest monitoring technology guarantee safe operation in harsh and hazardous environments.

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Connections Easy Made

Connections Easy Made

For a wide range of applications - Reliable aluminum GHG71 series enclosures and terminal boxes

The new GHG 71 series terminal and junction boxes are made of copper-free aluminum. The low weight and excellent chemical resistance allow the enclosure to be used in almost all applications.

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CEAG Connectivity Products for your Application

CEAG Connectivity Products for your Application

With the growing complexity of industrial plants, requirements also grow for safe operations and related to this, safer and more efficient maintenance. CEAG connectivity products for harsh and hazardous applications offer safety and reliability for extreme ambient conditions.

Spend less money and earn more productivity

Spend less money and earn more productivity

The servicing and maintenance of electrical equipment in hazardous areas can be time-consuming and costly, particularly if engineers are not provided with the right tools to carry out the job quickly and safely in advance. With our Ex portable solutions you can start right away - no need to issue and wait for a hot work permit. This significantly reduces your downtime.

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Eaton: CEAG Products and Crouse-Hinds Series

CEAG Products

For more than 100 years CEAG products, part of Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Series, have provided unsurpassed quality, industry-leading innovation and efficiency, and certifications for global specifications.


Crouse-Hinds Series

With products of Crouse-Hinds Series, Eaton is the brand that stands for safety and reliability in the harshest of environments when power management is most critical. While it all began with the Condulet®, the Crouse-Hinds Series has grown into the premier name for electrical products for hazardous, industrial and commercial applications worldwide.



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